You Are the Best Doctor for You

I have two friends who are plagued with health problems. For whatever reason they adamantly refuse to consider even the possibility that there is an emotional origin to their physical illnesses. Both have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on every kind of healing therapy imaginable. One has been at it for thirty years. She’s a little better, but the gains have been miniscule. The other is just getting started. She’s only been at it for a year. Each modality brings with it great hope. When it doesn’t ‘cure’ her, she moves on to the next thinking this one will be the one.

It breaks my heart to watch them struggle and give away their power. But there is nothing I can do. They are closed to a new way of seeing. From the work I’ve done I would make an educated guess their souls are telling them it’s time to learn what they came here to learn. Why else would these illnesses be so stubborn? Could be it’s time to follow their inner wisdom.

The cells of the body can tell us exactly what’s wrong and why on a physical level. Our Higher Self can tell us what is to be learned. The dialogues in Signals from the Soul illustrate how I found my answers and I really don’t think I’m that different from anyone else. We’re all here for the same reason. We’re all here to learn and grow in awareness and understanding.

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