Why We Don’t Want to Forget Our Past

Forget the past, they say. It’s past. Just forget it. I don’t know about you but I was never very successful at forgetting my past. I tried to rationalize things away, but I could never get free of a lot of the beliefs and programs I created in my past. Then I learned why I couldn’t forget my past and why I didn’t want to forget it.

We don’t want to forget our past because on a soul level it doesn’t work that way. Unless we learn from the past we can’t forget it. Our past is rich with soul lessons. Everything we want to change that resists all our efforts to change it has a lesson to be learned. Our past is full of opportunities to un-create what we have created.

So even if we could just forget our past, we would be robbing ourselves of the opportunity to grow in awareness and understanding. It’s why were here in this life. If we don’t learn the lessons in our past this time, we’re just going to have to come back and try it again – which brings me to karma.

I always thought karma was about payback. Then I learned the soul meaning of karma is un-creating what we have created.

Take poverty for example. People create poverty in their consciousness and have to un-create it by coming back. One of the laws of spirit is what is created can only be un-created at the level of consciousness that created it.

But there are two ways to un-create. We can do it physically or we can do it mentally. Every experience in every life our soul has lived is a different level of consciousness. So we can either come back to Earth as a physical being, get back in the mindset where the poverty thought was formed and hope we make a different choice, or we can use our mind to go back to that level of consciousness where the original thought was formed and un-create what we’ve created because we’ve gained understanding of it. This is called regression therapy.

I chose the mental route. I had a life as an evil soldier who killed thousands on the battlefield. I could have come back and experienced the suffering I caused to learn what it feels like so I wouldn’t do it again. But I chose to regress to that life and learn the lesson at the level of consciousness where it was created so I wouldn’t have to endure it in a physical life. It seemed like a much better choice to me. The dialogues of these regressions that show what I did and how I did it are offered in Signals from the Soul.

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