Why Affirmations Didn’t Work for Me

So often we’re diligent with affirmations and nothing happens. It’s frustrating to say the least. We know we’re supposed to change the way we’re thinking about things. Seems easy enough. Kind of like willpower. But then like dieting, we all know how that can go.

So, I wanted to know why my affirmations weren’t working for me. Turns out, we have conscious mind thoughts and we have subconscious mind thoughts. If they are not in agreement, the subconscious always wins. It creates a block to what we desire on the conscious level. How do we get both levels in agreement? We have to alter the thought that is causing the problem and then convince the subconscious of the new thought. We have to find it and fix it.

We can only access the subconscious in an altered state because the conscious mind has to slide back so the subconscious can come forward. We have to go back to where the thought was formed to change it (see Regression Therapy).

The goal of every regression I had to every inner personality – whether past life or inner age – was to alter a subconscious thought. There was always a lesson attached to the thought. Once the lesson was learned, the subconscious could be convinced of the new thought. Usually it worked the first time. The really stubborn ones needed a little more convincing. My rejection thoughts, for example, took some work. But then, that is my life lesson.

I’d worked with regression therapists and hypnotherapists who thought that simply finding the experience that created the thought and releasing the energy of that trauma was enough. It didn’t work for me. Sometimes I got temporary results but the old thought always returned. Why? Because I didn’t alter the thought in my subconscious mind.

I’ve been married more than once. I wrote it off to not being good wife material. But when I started working with the inner levels of my mind I discovered a thought at age eight that all marriages are unhappy. So my subconscious program about marriage was that marriages are unhappy. Until I altered that thought and erased and replaced it in my subconscious I was doomed to unhappy marriages. I’ll have to keep you posted on the outcome of that one. But at least the old thought is gone.

I have a friend with ulcers. Everyone knows that ulcers are caused by stress. So just eliminate the stress and get rid of the ulcers. But what if the stress is being caused by a thought formed in childhood or a past life and you don’t even know you have it?

To manifest my ideal life I had to go to five past lives and eight inner ages to alter troubling thoughts that were keeping my inner levels unsettled. I offer dialogues of these regressions in Signals From The Soul: How Our Mind Tells Us Everything We Need to Know.

Affirmations are a tremendous way to heal when there is no block in the subconscious mind. So when affirmations don’t work, you’re going to need help from a therapist who uses hypnosis and understands the mind (see How to Find a Regression Therapist).

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