Who Are We and Why Are We Here?

We are spiritual beings living human lives. This is not new news. But why? What’s the point? Why would a soul want to endure the muck of a human life when it can hang out in the love and Light and joy of the spirit realms?

The ultimate purpose of our human experience is to reconnect with that part of us that is spirit – our spirit self, our true self. This is a life purpose common to all of us. We give ourselves obstacles like unworthiness from abandonment or neglect, fear and self-loathing from abuse, hopelessness from disease and addiction, and powerlessness from them all. We do this to test ourselves. Can we find our spirit in the darkest of places? Finding our Light is the ultimate empowerment. Everything in our lives – large and small, good and bad – is part of our spiritual quest for growth.

Pre-Life Planning

There are several books on pre-life planning. In a nutshell, before we (our souls) incarnate we determine the life purpose and life lesson for the upcoming life. Parents are chosen and major events determined to help us – or present challenges to overcome. Even abuse or terminal illness or a debilitating accident can be pre-planned. Of course a huge piece of our human experience is free will. Free will determines how we respond to our challenges and do – or not do – what we have planned. Destiny is our plan. Fate is how we use our free will.

Life Purpose

In addition to our common purpose to connect to our Light we also have our own individual life purpose unique only to us. Mine is to teach what I learn. Looking back I can see how everything in my life led me to be in the right place at the right time to learn about the odyssey of the soul. In fact the book I found on a coffee table that led me to this work was titled Odyssey of the Soul: Apocatastasis. Sometimes our life purpose is obvious to us. Sometimes it’s pretty obscure. But our soul can tell us what it is.

Life Lessons

Our souls come to Earth to raise their consciousness (awareness and understanding). That was a bit of a shock. I thought my soul knew everything. Then I learned if it knew everything it wouldn’t need to come to Earth. It could stay in the spirit realms and help other souls or do what it is spirits do there. So why Earth? Humans have free will, which makes everything much harder. And you know that old adage – the harder the lesson the greater the reward.

If we don’t learn our lesson in one life we have to try it again in another life. When we’re not learning what we came here to learn we get signals – physical and emotional dysfunctions – that will resist all attempts to change them until we learn the lesson. My life lesson is to find my spiritual self, my Light, through rejection. I implemented the rejection with adoption.

Does it ever end? Yes. When a soul has learned all it’s lessons and has accomplished all it needs to do, it moves beyond physical embodiment and into higher levels of spirit.

Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. I know I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again because it’s the bottom line. Everything is an opportunity to learn, or not learn, a lesson. It is all part of our spiritual plan. Even evil and cruelty and suffering are part of that plan. They are all opportunities to learn spiritual lessons. When we see our lives from this perspective, everything makes sense. And when everything makes sense we can reclaim our power.

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