What Is Regression Therapy?

When you are having little or no success with affirmations, positive suggestions, or dialoguing the symptom is probably signaling the need to find and change a deep-seated belief. These beliefs are in your subconscious mind. They were formed in response to experiences in your past.

There is a difference between a regression and regression therapy. A regression is a review of the events of the past, whether the past is in this life or a past life. You can use self-hypnosis for a regression to events that are not accessible to your conscious memory (see Resources). If self-hypnosis doesn’t work, a hypnotist can help with this. A regression is like a road trip. You go there, see the sights and leave.

Regression therapy is necessary when you want to heal unresolved trauma in the past, whether in this life or a past life. Regression therapy is also needed to address inner resistance to releasing negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs rooted in the past.

Regression therapy requires a well-trained, professional psychologist, psychotherapist, or hypnotherapist who is experienced working in an altered state. An altered state is used for communicating with the (inner) person at the very time of the past event that needs healing. Hypnosis and EMDR are the safest and most effective methods to move someone into an altered state for regression therapy.

By-pass practitioners believe it is not necessary to know what happened or address what happened in order to heal trauma, release negative emotions, and alter negative beliefs rooted in the past. Yes, you can release unwanted energies without addressing consciousness. However, if the consciousness that creates unwanted energies does not change its thinking and its beliefs, the unwanted energies will return. Who we were in the past is the consciousness that created the unwanted energies from the past; thus it is this consciousness that must be addressed.

The eighteen dialogues in Signals from the Soul illustrate that to change old beliefs and the resulting emotional programs I had to return to the original experience and help that level of me see the situation differently and learn from it. Then the thought that created the belief and the emotional response could be altered.

For me, the beauty of regression therapy is that it’s possible to get more done in one session than in years of conscious mind therapy.

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