What Is a Soul Signal?

So many of us are sick or unhappy and we don’t know why. We look for the reasons in our everyday lives. But there are non-physical reasons for what is happening in our physical lives. There are soul reasons. And our soul is constantly trying to tell us those reasons. It sends us signals. In fact, being sick or unhappy are signals. If we learn how to ask, our soul will give us the message behind the signal. When we learn how to get the message and learn what action to take, we can get rid of the signal.

Everything I am writing about I learned from my soul. I didn’t know much about the soul when I started all this – except that I had one. Then I learned there are different levels of our soul and they communicate with us through our mind.

I use various techniques to talk to my soul. Sometimes I use automatic writing. Sometimes I work with an altered state regression therapist. Each of these techniques is described further on this site.

The information we get from our soul is profoundly life changing. When we understand why things are happening from our soul’s point of view we can change them. And when we can change what we don’t want we can create what we do want.

Everything in our lives is a signal from our soul that there is something we came into this life to learn and we haven’t learned it yet. When we do, we won’t need the signal any more. Nothing ‘just happens’. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is arbitrary. When we look at our lives from this perspective, everything makes sense.

Now I look at every event and condition in my life as a puzzle: “OK, what is this telling me?” Sometimes it’s obvious. When it’s a little more obtuse I use the methods described above. But I always get an answer.

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