To All My Fellow Boomers

If you made it to this page, this is your lucky day. Everything we’re looking for is there for the taking. Read on.

Remember the 60’s when we learned to question everything? We demonstrated for civil rights, for peace and women’s rights. We preached and practiced free love. Then we settled down. Some of us chose a conventional life. Some of us held on to the thrill of insurgency and lived lives may have looked status quo to the outside world but we kept our thinking open, believing that would lead us to what we were seeking.

Growing up in the 50s wasn’t easy. Everything was about appearances. Anger and sadness were taboo. We learned how to squelch what we really felt and put on a happy face. And it’s all coming back to haunt us.

Now we’re in our 60’s and no matter which path we followed, we’re all back together again in the same lifeboat. We’re all looking for the same thing. We’re looking for answers. What is the meaning of my life? Why am I here? Why am I sick or unhappy? Do I have a life purpose? How do I feel fulfilled? What am I missing?

There is a part of us that has our answers. It knows us better than anyone or anything could. But I’ll warn you right now, you’re going to have to open your thinking and be willing to see things in a new way. Forget the idiom about old dogs and new tricks. That’s the best way to stay stuck.

I don’t have your answers. But I found the part of me that had mine. And this site and my book are to help you find yours – if you’re up for understanding why your life is what it is so you can change what needs to be changed and finally live the life you want.

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