The Secret of the Mind

Everything I learned revolves around the fact that the mind is the secret to everything. Our spirit, or soul, uses our mind to communicate with us. When we understand how the mind works we’re half way to home base. When we learn how to access the mind, decode the signals to get the messages, and follow the instructions from our soul we score the run.

When we talk about the mind, we are not talking about the brain. They are not one and the same. While we are embodied our mind uses our brain to carry out the mental and physical functions of our body. When our body dies, the brain will die. But our spirit and our mind will not die. They will remain connected and everything that has ever happened to us in this lifetime and all past lifetimes will still be there, recorded in our mind.

There are three levels of the mind.

  1. The conscious mind is our every day mind, so to speak. It steers the ship.
  2. The subconscious mind is like a vast storehouse of many parts. It’s the storehouse of our beliefs and of our emotions and of our memories. It’s the storehouse of nature’s programming – it’s where the cells of our body are programmed. It is also the transmitter and receiver of all spirit communication.
  3. The higher mind, or higher self, is the super consciousness part of our mind. If all three levels are not in agreement, we will be notified with a signal of physical and/or emotional dysfunction.

The conscious mind is the director of thought. The subconscious mind carries out those thoughts by directing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. The higher mind knows what needs to be done. Again, when all three levels of the mind are not in agreement, we are notified with a signal of physical and/or emotional dysfunction.

If we feel there is nothing we can do about the life we’ve been handed, we’re right. But when we understand the power of the mind we can apply and control and command and even manipulate reality to help our body, mind and spirit work in close harmony. Gaining voluntary control over our mind and over our body, we can start and/or accelerate healing, body changes, changes in our attitude, in our thinking, and in our relationships.

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