The Critical Key: The Higher Self

“There is a part of you that knows everything there is to know about you. It can tell you why you are in this world and where you were before you came here. It can state both Universal Truths and the Personal Truths you need to know to get where you want to go. It can talk about your future, your present, and your past. It can tell you about the people in your life – why you are involved with them, what you might want to learn from them, and what you have to teach them. It can help you become closer in your relationships or cut the ties that bind you to them. This part knows a great deal more about you than any psychic ever could. Further, it can heal you instantly, although it may take you longer to allow, or even hold onto the healing. This part of you is the you that always was and ever will be. It is your Higher Self….” (from Odyssey of the Soul: Apocatastasis)

As you know, I went to find out more about this. The following is an excerpt from my first appointment with Pamela Chilton. I call her my soul guide.

“All spirit has a very high, or fast, vibration. That vibration is too high for the body to contain. In order to embody, our spirit has to slow down its energy frequencies to be compatible with the physical body’s energy frequencies.

“The more we slow down our vibrational frequency, the less awareness and understanding we have. So our spirit doesn’t want to slow down it’s whole self – nor could it, its vibration is really too big – so it slows down a portion of itself. That’s the part that enters the body and it’s the part you think of as you. But our spirit keeps the major part of itself in that higher frequency that it has attained over many lifetimes of learning, of gaining awareness and understanding. This we call the higher self. It stays outside the body, around the body.

“The higher self is the greater whole of our soul – the highest level of our soul consciousness – the spiritual level of our soul. Some people call it the intuitive self, the over soul, the Atman. I like to call it the higher self because it keeps it clear it’s the higher vibration of our own spirit. The part that’s in the body is the lower vibration.

“The higher self is not gullible; it is not influenced by our false beliefs or the false beliefs of others. It is not influenced by our emotions or our desires. It has ALL the knowledge our soul has gathered in all of its incarnations. It knows what is and is not truth for us. It can put this truth into words we can understand and accept at our level of development. It is a direct link to the highest level of spiritual guidance. It is the direct link to The Source. It will interpret our dreams with greater accuracy and wisdom than we can.

“Learning to access and dialogue with our higher self to seek counsel and/or information, and learning to discern the messages that are coming from our higher self is the true purpose of every incarnated soul.”

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