Soul Talk

We know our soul talks to us through our mind and our body. It also talks to us through our dreams and intuition, in meditation and in its past levels that we access through regression.

Dreams are communications from our inner levels. In dreams our inner guidance lets us know what our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and choices have created and are creating. We receive counsel, warnings, guidance, and messages of many kinds. Once we realize the truly astounding extent of our inner wisdom, we can begin to grasp the fact that our “real lives” are as full of signs, omens, symbols, messages and meanings as our dreams.

The language of our inner levels is symbolic imagery. In most dreams, every person, place or thing represents an aspect of ourselves or our relationship to that person, place or thing. Each of us has our own symbols. What something symbolizes for one person may not have the same meaning for another. The best interpreters of these messages are our inner mind and spirit, our higher self.

Another way our higher self tells us what we need to know is intuition. Paying attention to our intuition is imperative because the more we do, the more we come to recognize the ‘voice’ of our higher self. Meditation helps with this. In one of my past lives my death was the result of not listening to my intuition (chapter 7, Signals from the Soul).

The purpose of meditation is to feel the presence of that light and spirit that you are, to become aware of what that feels like in your body and in your mind so that when you have a thought that is accompanied by that feeling you know that’s a higher self thought. You are lifting yourself, or you are shifting yourself into a greater awareness of your spirit so you feel its presence. You’re opening yourself to hear what it chooses to tell you and over time you become familiar with its voice, familiar with the vibration of its communication. For more information on meditation click here.

Our soul also talks to us in regression. It talks to us through the personalities we have been before, both in past lives and inner ages of this life. The personalities that came forward from my past always had something to teach me. My little girls needed to reclaim their power or learn the importance of expressing their emotions or understand what they thought they heard so they could change their reaction. My past life personalities had many unlearned lessons. For the dialogues with each of these past personalities see Signals from the Soul.

Our soul can tell us everything we want and need to know. There are reasons for everything and when we understand the reasons we can change what we want to change and live the lives we want. For me at least, this is a much better option than the bewildered observer.

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