Some Examples of Body Signals

The language of the mind is symbolic imagery. The mind controls our body’s programming. So it makes sense that our physical signals are going to come to us as symbolic messages. Shoulder problems usually indicate too many heavy burdens. Problems with the legs, feet or knees are often telling us we’re not moving forward on our path of purpose.

Sometimes the signals aren’t so obvious at first. Like my teeth – I’ve developed a relationship with my teeth. Actually, I’ve developed a relationship with every inch of my body because it’s always telling me something. It doesn’t hesitate to tell me when I’m off track.

But back to my teeth. This may sound a little wacky, but I guarantee it’s true.

When I’m not speaking my truth an upper back tooth flairs up into an abscess-like condition. The pain runs all the way down my neck. The first time it happened I went to the dentist. There was inflammation but no infection. Then I went to my therapist and found out with NMR that the origin was emotional, not physical. I was not speaking my truth about something. I knew immediately what it was so I promised my body I would address the situation from my truth. The abscess was completely gone within fifteen minutes.

Another tooth flairs up when I’m not thinking correctly about something. I call it my impatient tooth because usually I’m being impatient with someone or something. It’s always obvious what it is and when I promise my body I am now thinking differently about the person or situation the tooth calms down within minutes. I’ve saved myself a lot of dental bills.

Moving down to my throat, I was at a job run by control freaks and was not being allowed to speak my voice. One morning at the start of an unusually busy day I swallowed a vitamin tablet that I took every day without any problems. But on this day it got stuck sideways in my throat. It was a big tablet and hurt like crazy. I got it down by drinking very hot water to dissolve it. Later, when I learned about signals, the message was – surprise, surprise – I wasn’t speaking my true voice. Later that day I stubbed my toe badly. I wasn’t on my path. Needless to say, I got out of that job.

Then there was my 19cm abdominal tumor. I was stuck in a bad marriage. I tried several times to leave but I’d always turn around and go back. I learned in regression therapy I had killed that same soul in a previous life and on an inner level felt responsible for it (chapter 4, Signals from the Soul). I had signals through the years telling me to get away but I didn’t know about signals then and ignored them. The signal that got me out was the tumor that appeared literally overnight. Before surgery I went to a psychic who was also a medical intuitive. She took one look at me and said, “This time it’s benign but if you don’t get out of that marriage, next time it will kill you. Your body has had it with the stress.” That did the trick. I removed the tumor and the marriage.

Looking back, there were other signals I ignored because I didn’t know about signals. We had just moved into a new house and I was painting the office walls. On the last few brush strokes I fell off a four-foot stepladder and tore all the ligaments in my left foot. When I did learn about signals it was obvious my body was sending me the message, “Get out of this marriage. You are off your path. If you’re not going to walk on your path, you’re not going to walk at all.”

Anything to do with my feet, legs, knees or being able to walk easily is signaling that I am not on the path I chose for this life. The ligaments in my foot are a good example. Another example is my little toe on my left foot. During my marriage it rotated under and I couldn’t walk on it. I had it surgically corrected. When I got to Palm Springs it started rotating again. I didn’t know any doctors here yet and was completely freaked out. When I started regression/soul therapy and discovered signals, I learned my body was once again telling me to get on my path. I reassured my body that I was now on my path doing my soul work so I no longer needed the signal. I rotated my toe back to normal within days using a combination of mental commands and physically turning the toe around. But I could never have accomplished it had I not found the message.

Most of my life I’ve been plagued with bloating. If I ate any starch or combination of starch and protein my stomach would look like it was holding a bowling ball. It was a nuisance. If I wanted a flat stomach for an evening engagement there were very few things I could eat during the day. When I learned the bloating was a signal, I had to track down all the things in my life I wasn’t digesting. It took a while because there were a lot of them. Now when I do bloat occasionally I know what to look for.

Several weeks into my regression therapy I started having a terrible pain in my upper right shoulder – in the trapezius muscle. The first time it happened it was my sexually abused three-year-old. She was trapped in her distress. (Don’t you love the symbolism?) We regressed to her and let her talk and helped her reclaim her power. On the drive home my shoulder was fine. After that, the night before each session, my shoulder would start hurting again. Now I knew one of my inner little girls wanted to talk about her abuse. We talked to each age, some of them more than once, and I finally knew they were all at peace when my shoulder stopped hurting once and for all. (See chapters 9-13 in Signals from the Soul.)

Last week I fell off a treadmill trying to answer my phone. I know, pretty stupid. You can’t multitask on a treadmill. At first I thought I had just scraped my arm. Later that night it became apparent I had sprained my wrist. It hurt beyond words. Before I went to bed I asked my Higher Self to instruct the cells of my wrist to stop hurting by morning. The next morning my wrist was perfectly fine. That night a muscle in my left shoulder went into spasm. I got massage, went to the chiropractor, and talked to it like crazy with no results. It was so painful I can’t even describe it. Then I asked my Higher Self if there was a message. Duh! Of course there was. The message was to focus, to concentrate. I asked on what? The answer was this website. There were still things I had to do. The minute I started writing more articles the pain went away and my shoulder hasn’t hurt since.

So these are some of the signals from my soul. If you pay attention you’ll find yours. There are messages in everything! Life becomes like a game of Clue.

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