Odds ‘n Ends

The following are bits and pieces I picked up along the way that are meaningful to me for one reason or another. They keep me on track. They help me remember why I’m here and what I’m supposed to be doing. They come from either my therapist, Pamela Chilton, or Dr. Hugh Harmon.

Thoughts are just as physical as sticking a pin in your hand.

We are more mental beings than physical. We are minds more than bodies. Life exists more in consciousness than in physical-ness.

If we use our free-willed mind to dwell on and continue to search out the negative aspects of our self and our life, then we steadily construct, augment, and intensify this influence to such a degree that it overshadows every positive opportunity that comes our way. This is as much a suicide as taking a knife to one’s wrists.

If we are struggling with negativity, then there is an unseen belief within us that must be addressed, exposed, and changed. We must look within, not without.

Never become satisfied, because then soul growth and enlightenment stops.

We are spiritual consciousness living temporarily in physical bodies.

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