Signals from the Soul: How Our Soul Tells Us What We Need To Know
By Ann Muller

"As a psychologist in practice for sixty years, I have never read a book more salient and empowering to the reader about how the expert use of altered state regression therapy can heal a cooperative client physically and emotionally and spiritually for a positive, purposeful future." Hugh Harmon, Ph.D.,
Palm Desert, CA

"Wow! I laughed, I cried, I was inspired and thoroughly entertained. Pretty amazing considering I was right there when it all happened. That’s how good this book is. Ann’s writing and her willingness to light the way for others seeking to make sense of their lives, heal what needs healing, and discover the ever fascinating signals of their own souls are gifts that keep on giving." Pamela Chilton, C.Ht.,
Soul Guide & Regression Therapist,
Palm Desert, CA

"This book will open your eyes. You will understand yourself and the way you interact with your environment and be able to cope with today’s strains and strengthen your resources as you face everyday life challenges." Dr. Gabriele N. Alpers, Dipl. Wi.-Ing.,
Karlsruhe, Germany

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