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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                      November 1, 2011

Media Contact:  WJ Carrel

Author Ann Muller Reveals the Power of Inner Exploration in New Book Signals from the Soul: How Our Soul Tells Us What We Need To Know    

Los Angeles, CA – “If you are willing to do what you need to do to find your life purpose and  create your ideal life, get thee to thy subconscious mind!” exclaims Ann Muller, about the subject of her highly-praised book Signals From the Soul: How Our Soul Tells Us What We Need To Know (ISBN 978-0-9876000-0-0 • $12.95 paperback • 8×5 • 224 pages) now in release on Internet bookseller web sites from Inner Self Press.

Psychologists, book critics, mind body spirit professionals, and past life therapists laud Muller for the insightful and creative visioning methods that offer readers a way to change limiting beliefs and transform their lives. “Ann’s willingness to light the way for others seeking to make sense of their lives, heal what needs healing, and discover the ever fascinating signals of their own souls, are gifts that keep on giving,” states Pamela Chilton, C.Ht., Soul Guide & Regression Therapist.

The book is an invitation into the world of self-knowledge, deep in the heart of the unknown, and into a world of magical reconnection with one’s inner self.  Author Muller focuses on how she learned to see her life at the level of consciousness where her beliefs were created. The more she looked within, the more she understood the soul messages behind the signals of childhood abuse, abandonment issues (she was adopted), health issues, and more.  Each chapter weaves stories of personal healing and her arrival at emotional freedom.  A comprehensive explanation of the techniques employed is included.

Always interested in what’s happening behind the scenes, Muller has worked in film and theater production and has created small business start-ups.  Looking behind the scenes in her own life produced such profound positive change that her passion now is to invite others to experience the same.   Muller grew up in Omaha, NE, and now lives in Palm Springs, CA.

Further information, including articles and resources, are available at author Muller’s web site





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