Media Talk Points

Media Talk Points for Interviews with Ann Muller

author of

Signals from the Soul: How Our Soul Tells Us

What We Need to Know

Inner Self Press

Book available at


Please talk briefly about your background, where you are located, and what your current activities are focused on.


What is a signal from the soul?


What are some examples of signals?


How do you find the lesson?


What is regression therapy?


Is past life therapy and regression therapy the same thing?


You have eighteen regressions in your book.  Why so many?


Why is the book the actual dialogues of your regressions?


Are there differences between regression therapy and just talking out issues with a psychologist?


You feel regression therapy worked for you. Then why does it often have a bad reputation?


You write that everything makes sense now, what do you mean by that, can you expand on that?


Do you see this as a self-help book?


Why did you write this book?


Media contact:  WJ Carrel (760)218-3838

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