Book Summary

Signals from the Soul: How Our Soul Tells Us What We Need To Know
By Ann Muller

Too often the things we want to change the most in our lives are completely resistant to even our most diligent efforts. Are we doing something wrong? Are we missing something?

When the thoughts and beliefs that are causing physical and emotional distress in our lives resist our attempts to change them, they are signals from our soul pointing us to moments in our past that are negatively impacting the present by blocking the ability of our body to heal, the willingness of our spirit to transform our life, and the power of our mind to manifest our goals.

By returning to those moments, we can change even the most stubborn thoughts and beliefs and the turmoil they have created. When the moment is resolved and the lessons learned we no longer need the signal. Our life becomes what we want it to be.

In Signals from the Soul Ann Muller presents altered state regressions to moments in her infancy, childhood, and past lives where thoughts and beliefs were created that needed to be changed today. The unborn baby in the womb astonishes us, the infant amuses us, and the children delight us with their clever ways of taking back their power. The past lives convince us of a soul’s many lives and of the signals we carry forward from one life to another. The moments that transform both the past and the present amaze us as we cheer the power to change.

The transformational power of expertly guided regression therapy opens our minds to the power we hold locked within. The truths revealed in this book are both personal and universal, enlightening and empowering readers to take their own inner journey.

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