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Title Signals From The Soul: How Our Soul Tells Us What We Need To Know

Author Ann Muller was 60 years old when she discovered the limitations in her life were signals from her soul. There were unlearned lessons, sometimes in this life and sometimes in a past life. As she found these lessons she came to understand the messages behind the signals of rejection (she was adopted), childhood abuse, health problems, emotional programs, and more. Her up close and personal writing offers readers a path to make sense of their lives.

Muller, formerly an owner of two international businesses, and involved for more than 40 years in community outreach, is currently a certified advocate for victims of sexual assault, as well as a personal growth counselor. She lives in Palm Springs, CA.

Book Summary Signals From The Soul is an invitation into the world of self-knowledge, deep in the heart of the unknown and into a world of magical connection with one’s inner self. It is more than a book about inner ages and past lives. It is a book for the curious, with intimate examples of how to change the limitations in our life by listening to our soul. Each chapter weaves a story of personal healing and transformation and illustrates how to find and heal our past selves who are causing problems in our life today. Many books on this subject are written by psychotherapists and hypnotherapists; this may be the first book by the client. “It’s about how we can create the life we were meant to have by paying attention to the signals from our soul,” comments Muller.

ISBN 978-0-9836532-0-2 51295

Categories Memoir, Personal Growth, Inspirational

Publication Date November 2011

Paperback 224 pages

Price $12.95

Language English

Size 8 x 5.3 x 0.7 inches

Publisher Inner Self Press

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