Light the Earth

The most important thing I learned while doing this work is that all of it is a moot point unless we save our beautiful planet Earth. What we have created we must un-create. The law of nature is balance. We humans have created grave imbalance. Nature will not tolerate imbalance. Nature will not allow humans to destroy it. It will destroy humans before humans destroy it. This has already started. Tidal waves, earthquakes, climate change, and the list goes on. It is now or never. Do we want to continue to live here or do we want to be obliterated?

But we can save it. It is not too late. Over and over in my regressions you have heard about Light. We are spirit incarnated in a human body. Our bodies are part of nature. Our spirit self is part of Light. Light is God’s creator energy and creator consciousness. We are all part of God’s (or The Source or whatever term you want to use) Light. Over and over you have seen my therapist help my inner personalities use their Light to feel safe, protected, loved and guided. Well it is that Light, our Light, that can save the Earth and correspondingly save us.

Light has given us a simple and deep technique to protect, heal, and enlighten the Earth. As you certainly must understand by now, thought has power. 10 minds focused on a single thought magnify the power tenfold. 100 minds magnify the power a hundred fold. 1000 minds focused on a single thought will move a mountain. 380,000 minds focused on the single thought of beaming spiritual light to the Earth will help Nature heal the Earth. No words. No prayers. Just Light.

The Light of the Creator knows what to do with your light. Offer it daily. Not to take the place of your prayers, but a separate offering in which your light joins The Light for the Highest Good for the Earth, for You, for your Loved Ones, and for the World.

Light the Earth!

Simply focus on the thought of holding the Earth in your hands as the white light of your spirit beams from your third eye to surround and fill the atmosphere, the surface, the magma and the core of Earth with Light.

Why white light? It holds all the colors. Why the third eye? It is the center of spiritual thought.


To read more about using your spiritual light to light Earth, Self, Loved Ones and the World go to

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