How We Program Ourselves & Build Beliefs

We like to say we were programmed when we were a child, which is true. But the real truth is we program ourselves as a child because it’s what we allow in, what we choose in that instant to believe that forms the program. You spill the milk and your mother says, ‘You’re a clumsy oaf’. If at that instant we don’t think, ‘No I’m not. The milk was in the wrong place’, the subconscious says, ‘OK, we’re a clumsy oaf’. Now our program, or belief, has been built in and we still do it today. We’re habitually clumsy.

How do you change that program? As Albert Einstein said, ‘We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them’. So we must go to our subconscious and convince it of a new program. To get to the subconscious, we have to ask our conscious mind to take a step back. This is done in an altered state, also known as hypnosis.

When you change your conscious thought the subconscious doesn’t necessarily change. In fact, it often builds barriers to protect itself. In order to change an old program you have to go through the barrier and you have to be in that level where the program is in order to change it. You can’t pray it away. You can’t affirm it away. You can’t go to a workshop or listen to a lecture and say, ‘Oh, that’s true, I never thought of that…’ You have to, in a sense, have the key. And who has the key? No one but you.

Even if you go to the best hypnotist in the world, and you say to that hypnotist, ‘I want you to tell me money is good. I want you to eliminate money is bad.’ And the hypnotist does that, but you don’t really believe it on an inner level, it’s not going to be a done deal because the real key to the lock is what you have.

Enter altered state regression therapy. A regression therapist will go back to the experience that created the thought ‘money is bad’ and help that age of you understand what everyone in the experience really meant by what they said and help you understand why money isn’t bad. Then that age can alter the thought right then and there at the level it was created.

Sometimes you can change a program yourself. But if it resists your efforts you’re going to need help from a therapist who uses hypnosis and understands the mind (see How to Find a Regression Therapist).

– Notes from a session with Pamela

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