How to Get Your Body to Do What You Want It do Do

By now, hopefully it’s clear that our subconscious mind controls the programming of the cells of our body. So it makes sense that if we want to change something about our body the subconscious is the place to go.

It is truly amazing how you can create physical changes in your body using thought to direct your subconscious mind. Before I share what I’ve done and how I’ve done it, I have to stress that if what I am trying to change is a signal, then I won’t be able to change it without finding the message and acting on it. Before I try to change anything I always test to see if there is a message. (See Self-Muscle Testing in How Our Soul Speaks for Itself.)

    Mental Face Lift

Somewhere after turning 60, my face started going south. First my eyelids got droopy. This was totally unacceptable, so I started talking to them. This is what I say as I gently use my index fingers to help them move up: “Up, up, up little eyelids. Up we go. I love you little eyelids. You’re the best eyelids in the whole world. Up, up, up we go.” You’ll notice I praise them as I ask them to lift up. It works every time.

Then the skin around my mouth started sagging. So I made a hypnosis tape explaining to my subconscious that every time I said ‘lift up, firm up’ I wanted it to restore the elastin and collagen in my skin to the levels they were five years ago. Then I proceeded to say ‘lift up, firm up’ a gazillion times a day. I swear that within three days I started seeing a noticeable difference. I still say it three or four times a day and the results are amazing. And, I praise and thank my skin constantly.

    Un-spraining My Wrist

When I fell off the treadmill I sprained my wrist. The pain was killer. There was no way I could cradle it to keep it from hurting. In one of my channeling sessions with my Higher Self it had told me that it could instruct the subconscious to make physical changes in my body. Since I was in dire straights, I decided to bring in the big gun. Before I went to bed, I asked my Higher Self to instruct the cells of my wrist to do whatever they had to do to stop hurting by morning. When I woke up the next morning I had full range of motion in my wrist and absolutely no pain. Needless to say, I was effusive with my thanks to my Higher Self and my body.

    Mental Braces

I guess it’s fairly common that as we age our teeth start to shift and mine were shifting with a vengeance. One of my two front teeth had shifted so far back my photographs looked like someone had blacked it out with a marker. So in a light state of self hypnosis I put orthodontic braces on my teeth. Then every night I tightened my braces and instructed my front tooth to shift forward. It took about a month for it to move forward. As time went on I did it less and less, but I still do it once or twice a week just to keep my tooth where I want it.

The key to making these kinds of changes is believing in your power to do it. If you believe you can, you can.

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