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Regression therapy requires what Kahil Gibran, in his book The Prophet, calls a ‘soul-doctor’. “This country needs hundreds of soul-doctors. But they mustn’t be theorists or nationalists or internationalists. They must have a universal consciousness and be able to help people look in a different direction.”

This is what my therapist Pamela Chilton and her mate and mentor Dr. Hugh Harmon do. They don’t call themselves a ‘soul-doctor’ however, and you won’t find it listed in the yellow pages. Hopefully, as more and more of us learn that we can talk to our soul this listing will be in phone books around the world.

So in the meantime, how do we find someone who understands the big picture of the odyssey of the soul and uses regression to find and heal thoughts?

Regression therapy requires a well-trained, professional psychologist, psychotherapist, or hypnotherapist who uses altered state regression therapy. Many psychologists and psychotherapists work with hypnosis. And they understand the mind. And, they’re often covered by insurance.

You can find Hypnotherapists in the Yellow pages. Call them and ask for a free, or reduced rate consultation. Interview them. And remember that you are interviewing them. Is this someone you can trust and feel safe with so you can relax and allow your conscious mind to slip back?

The critical question to ask is, ‘How do you heal my rage, my cancer, whatever? What do you do?’ And if they start talking about shifting energy, they don’t understand the mind. You want to hear them describe what you have observed in Signals from the Soul. Find the origin of what you want to address – and remember, it is always a thought. Go to that level of consciousness – the inner age, the past life – and help that personality unscramble the event to change the outcome and learn the unlearned lesson so the resulting thought is changed. Then convince the subconscious of the new thought. Anything short of this methodology may give temporary results, but odds are it won’t last.

If you can’t find a regression therapist who works this way, ask if they are willing to read a book that describes the way you want to work. They may try and convince you that changing the thought isn’t necessary and give you a long list of things they’ve ‘healed’. If they do, just ask them what the soul lesson was. You are looking for soul lessons.

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