How Spirits Affect Our Body

If you don’t believe in earth-bound spirits, skip this one. Or, read it. Maybe you’ll change your mind. I didn’t know anything about them except what I saw on Ghost Whisperer until I was learning NMR (neuro muscular response). Part of the protocol for ensuring accurate results is to test for spirit attachments. Turns out, if there is a spirit with you it can affect your muscle responses. It can be the spirit answering and not you.

I had many spirit attachments while I was doing my inner work until I learned to surround myself with gold light to keep them away. When a spirit was with me I would sleep ten to twelve hours a night and still be so tired I couldn’t function. Once I got vertigo. That was pretty scary. It lasted for weeks and I didn’t make the connection.

Turns out, the vibration of a spirit is higher than that of our body. So the body gets irritated and havoc ensues. Sometimes the body treats it like an allergy and tries to fight it off. Often I would take on the symptoms that had caused the spirit’s death. One spirit had died of pneumonia and I took on the coughing symptom.

I learned that sleep walking, murder, abuse, tremor diseases, Tourette Syndrome, unexplainable rage, schizophrenia, multiple personalities – all can be caused by the vibration of a spirit interfering with the vibration of the human body.

Because I’m a curious type, I channeled most of my spirits to hear their stories. Some of them were lost; some didn’t know they were dead. Some were afraid of judgment. A father and daughter were looking for their family and their house. They all had fascinating stories. Since the game plan is for spirits to move out of the Earth planes after the death of their bodies, Pamela, my soul guide, would call forth greeters to escort them to the light. Sometimes they needed a little convincing – especially the suicides.

My point for telling you all this is that physical symptoms can be caused by non-physical entities. It’s not spooky or scary. It’s just the deal. It’s how things work. Every morning I fill my house and my body with white light and surround my body with gold light to keep the entities away and then ask my Higher Self to “remove all entities from my house and my body.”

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