Emotions: Those Pesky Messengers

Part of my life lesson to reclaim my power in the dark place of rejection is to learn about emotions – why we have them and how to acknowledge and express instead of suppress them.

Emotions ‘talk’ through the body. Even when the cause of body distress is germs, bacteria or a virus we have to ask what lowered the immune system’s ability to safeguard the body. Stressful emotions tax the immune system and create imbalances in the mind/brain/body system that are a leading cause of disease, illness, headaches, aches, pain, aging and even injuries (slower reflexes, less than perfect eye sight and hearing, lack of coordination, rigidity of bones and joints, weak muscles, dizziness). Imbalance of the mind/brain/body due to stressful emotions is a leading cause of addictive and compulsive urges, anxieties, phobias, poor concentration, poor memory, restlessness, irritability, bi-polar disorders, depression, and more.

We say there’s an emotional cause, or an emotional origin to everything in our lives. But what is behind an emotion is always thought. So it’s always about finding the originating thought that created the emotions and thus the brain chemistry and the resulting change in the body balance or the body harmony.

That’s why emotions are so important. They are messages from the body, from the physical, emotional being we refer to as the body. When we are taught there are certain emotions that are bad that we shouldn’t have or that we don’t know what to do with, they begin to shut down. They numb their ability to feel. That makes the body very panicky because it is through the sensations, it is through the emotions, it is through those feelings that the body talks.

When there’s a pain it’s the body saying ‘ouch, pay attention, look around, look at me, what’s wrong with me?’ If you can’t see, go to the doctor. Look inside. Something is wrong. Fix it. We understand that about pain. But sadness and anger and anxiety – all of these are messengers, feelings from the body telling us what’s really happening, what’s really going on inside.

When we allow ourselves to feel what we’re feeling and talk about what we’re feeling, then it’s possible to figure out what’s going on with our world, what’s happening and why. Then we can make our adjustments so we can feel happy again and remember and realize how important we really are.

Many parents don’t talk to their children about everything that’s happening so the children learn not to talk about everything that’s happening. They learn to hold it in. When you don’t know what’s happening, and your body feels sad, heavy with sadness, you don’t know what to tell it so it feels better. That’s why talking about your emotions, about your feelings to someone who understands what you’re saying is very important. (From a conversation with Pamela Chilton.)

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