Accurate Muscle Testing with NMR

As it becomes more and more accepted that the mind controls the body, muscle testing is being used extensively these days. But there are very specific criteria that are important to getting accurate results. NMR (Neuro Muscular Response) is a protocol developed by Hugh Harmon, Ph.D. for muscle testing. While many use applied kinesiology, Psyche-K®™, and other techniques of muscle testing, these methods will not be accurate if there is a spirit attachment present during the testing, if precise wording is not used, and attention is not paid to the thoughts of the one being tested and the one doing the testing.

Using the NMR protocol is a quick and accurate way to get information from the Higher Self, the subconscious mind, and the cells of the body. It is an essential tool for all regression therapy.

You or your practitioner can find out more about NMR:

Dr. Harmon and Pamela offer certification training in NMR.

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