Abbreviated Excerpts

     “Now, when people . . . came in with disease or chronic pain, a habit they couldn’t break, exces­sive anger, addiction, or something like that, you’ll remember we always had to find the origin of the dysfunction. There was a beginning point—an experience that first created the thoughts and beliefs to which the emotions became attached. Then something triggered it. How did we find it? We asked their subconscious mind.”

      “How is hypnotherapy different from hypnosis?” I asked.

“Hypnosis is getting a message to the subconscious mind,” Pamela explained. “But if the subconscious blocks that mes­sage, then therapy is needed to release the block or alter the old program. Ideally, as we grow in age, previous ages—our inner ages—are content. Your three-year-old self became a part of the past. But if the lesson wasn’t learned and that three-year-old feels incomplete or distressed, she does not remain in the past. Then you have an active inner child—or sometimes a past life personality. So you need to reprogram that age or personality.

“Say you want to program, ‘I am worthy of love.’ If there is a block, if an inner resistance from a past program has been triggered, then the new program won’t last. You have to remove the block with therapy with that inner child or past life personality.”

“So that’s why sometimes The Secret doesn’t work. Right?”

“Right,” Pamela answered.

      “Look beyond the obvious,” she went on. “Look deep into what is behind the physical. There is more to life and existence than every­day human reality. Explore the rest of it. Explore the spiritual reasons, explore the spiritual reality behind what is happening physically. This is what brings the joy that cannot be taken away. This is what brings the love that cannot be lost.”


     “I know I’ve talked about this often, but the body is a very important part of your whole life experience. What’s important to learn—and many children aren’t taught it because their parents weren’t taught it—is that the body talks to you through its emotions.

    “That’s why emotions are so very important. They are mes­sages from the body, from the physical, emotional being we refer to as the body. So when we are taught there are certain emotions that are bad or that you shouldn’t have or that you don’t know what to do with, then we begin to shut down the emotions. We numb our ability to feel. That makes the body very panicky because it’s through the emotions the body talks.

 “There are many techniques for altering energy,  which includes emotional programs because they’re a form of energy. But if the level of consciousness that created the energy we’re trying to change hasn’t altered its thinking, it’s going to recreate that energy.

“So sometimes we do the reprogramming and the change is per­manent. When it isn’t, that’s a strong indication there’s still an inner level—it could be an inner child, some­thing in this life, or something in a past life—still feeding into [the program].

“We like to think that when we work with, say, the three-year-old, it changes the seven-year-old’s thinking. But more often than not that isn’t true.

“Sexual abuse is a good example because—and I haven’t found any excep­tions yet—every age that was sexually abused has to be worked with. A lot of people think that working with one age is enough. But it isn’t. Each age has to feel empowered. Each age has to get that lesson for themself. And the work is about helping them come to terms with themselves, under­stand their life lesson, and feel worthy of moving into that light.”


     “Spirit is stronger and more powerful than things. Pain is a thing. Suf­fering is a thing. Loneliness is a thing. We can use spirit—we can use what is alive, including the spirit within the cells of the body—to master matter so that it is in the same joyful vibration as spirit. The result is joy!”

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