Chapter Summaries


After a lifetime of searching for answers and meaning, I find the missing piece of the puzzle to learn why my life is what it is and how to truly change it once and for all.

1. Learning the Basics

When we’re not learning the soul lessons we came here to learn we are signaled with emotional and physical dysfunctions. Learn the lesson; eliminate the signal.

2. The Origin of Poor Eyesight

The origin of my bad eyesight in this life is a thought in my first century life in Judea that there is something I ‘don’t want to see.’

3. Healing Poor Eyesight

My first century personality learns his soul lesson to ‘see’ everything to gain awareness and understanding. I now begin to restore perfect vision today.

4. Stuck in a Troubled Relationship

My inability to leave a troubled marriage comes from a tragedy in my third century life with the same soul. With the lesson learned, the ties that bind are cut.

5. The Origin of a Birth Defect

A congenital heart defect signals an unlearned lesson in eighteenth century Boston with a corresponding money program that has plagued me in this life.

6. Adoption – Who Really Chooses Who?

The rejection and abandonment of adoption present opportunities for soul growth as my fetus learns her birth mother didn’t give her away. She gave her mother away. She planned the whole thing!

7. The Perils of Ignoring Intuition

Looking for the origin of a missing toenail in this life takes me to a thirteenth century life in Florence and a fatal mistake of not listening to my intuition.

8. The Soul Lessons of Sexual Abuse

Abuse of any kind is a valuable opportunity in the soul’s journey. If, in that deep, dark place one can re-connect to the power of their light it is a huge leap forward in soul growth.

9. Healing Sexual Abuse

My three-year-old is unsettled and wants to talk. Uncle Tom is hurting her. As she learns to use the strength of her inner light to protect herself, she comes to an understanding of what happened and takes back her power.

10. Washing It All Away

My three-year-old is back. Where is everyone? No one is helping her. She learns her light is always there to help her. An angel washes away the shame, guilt, and fear.

11. Telling Mom

My three-year-old isn’t finished. She has to tell mom about Uncle Tom. He said not to tell. Once this is done, she is at peace about her abuse.

12. Healing My Other Ages of Abuse

Now my four-year-old and my five-year-old want to talk. They each have their own issues but it all comes down to reclaiming their power so they can be at peace and move into the past.

13. The Price of Unexpressed Emotions

Spontaneously bursting into tears leads me to my very upset eight-year-old who learns the importance of expressing how she feels even if she fears the results.

14. Don’t Trade Me In

My three-year-old is worried. Mom and dad are going to get another baby and she’s afraid they’re trading her in. By looking into the future she sees it’s not so.

15. Angels and Dreams

Why don’t I remember my dreams or have psychic experiences? I locate the origin of each – a thought at age twelve and a thought at age three.

16. Hidden Marriage Programs

My vision is much better but goes extremely blurry while writing a script about marriage. My eight-year-old thinks marriage is bad and learns how it can be good.

17. The Purpose of an Evil Life

Although I had an unworthiness program from adoption, the origin is in a thirteenth century life as an evil soldier. There is a soul reason why people live evil lives.

18. How to Avoid Karma from an Evil Life

Karma is un-creating what we create. We can do it by having the experience physically or by going to the level of consciousness where it was created and un-creating it mentally. A much better option!


A summary of what has been learned both individually and universally, the effects on my personal day-to-day life, and the opportunity this work presents to everyone.

Sample Neuro-Muscular Response Testing

A transcript of the exact wording in an NMResponse session.

Sample Hypnosis Inductions

An induction to a past life and to an inner age of this life illustrate how to relax so the conscious mind can step back to access the subconscious level where all the emotions, programs and memories are stored.

How to Find a Regression Therapist

Tips on things to look for and questions to ask when interviewing a prospective therapist.

Light the Earth

The law of nature is balance. We humans have created grave imbalance, which we must un-create. We can use our own light to do this.

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