Book Summary

Signals from the Soul: How Our Soul Tells Us What We Need to Know

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this happening to me?”

We hear that everything happens for a reason. But what does that actually mean? And why, despite even our most diligent efforts, is it often impossible to change what we don’t want in our lives and attract what we do?

Our soul knows. It uses our mind and our body to send us signals through physical and emotional symptoms alerting us to unresolved moments in our past that are negatively impacting the present. The thoughts and beliefs formed in these experiences are blocking the power of our mind to manifest our goals and the ability of our body to heal.

In this memoir-style account, Muller invites the reader to share her path of discovery as she learns that by returning to these moments we can change even the most stubborn thoughts and beliefs and the turmoil they have created. When the moment is resolved we no longer need the signal, and our lives can become what we want them to be.

Each chapter is a transcript of an altered state regression in which Muller’s “inner self” in infancy, childhood or a past life changes its thoughts and beliefs to reclaim her power both then and now.

The truths revealed in this groundbreaking book are both personal and universal. They open our awareness to the power we hold locked within, and demonstrate how we can unlock that power when we pay attention to our soul signals and heed their messages.

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